Your Possums will be gone guaranteed !

Have you noticed the following?

  • Possums in or around the roof
  • “Cat” like squealing & squabbling at night
  • Mess & smells
  • Strange droppings on the roof/ground
  • Chewed out facia boards
  • Excessive roof noise, at specific times
  • Bird lice, itching with no apparent cause
  • Dogs barking at walls

possumsIf you answered YES to any of these points….then you may have possums living in your roof & walls.

If you suspect Possums in your roof that you have either seen or based on the noises you are hearing, we are professional animal removers.


$250 per 48 hours of trap setting. We will also set rodent stations in the roof in case its that… we pick up the cage in 48 hours & charge $250 possums or not… we release the possums as per National Parks & Wildlife directives within 150 meters of the capture point so clients need to block up access points as soon as the possums are caught.

We pick possums up in the AM and release in the PM on the same day so its very important that the access points are blocked up that day… otherwise possums are back and we charge another $250 to catch them.

Some of our techs are happy to charge extra to block up access points please discuss this on the day.