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Some nasty and not so nasty spiders…

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Whitetales and Huntsman are nomadic spiders & do not have webs so are very difficult to treat in the normal manner.

Normally we can leave a residue pesticide on webs for spiders. The best you can do for Whitetales and Hunstman spiders is to spray to reduce numbers and hope that they get some residue pesticide on them if they move into an area we have treated.

We cannot guarantee that these spiders will not walk in after a pest treatment… your best bet is to spray if you see them… don’t wait in hope that they will get some of our residue pesticide on them.

 St Andrew’s Cross Leaf-Curling
Garden Orbweaver
Golden Orbweaver
 Daddy Longlegs

 Redback  Wolf White Tailed

Black House

 Spotted Ground Jumping
 Ant-Mimicking  Stick Tent
Funnel Web
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*12 month guarantee (Spiders or German Cockroaches only 6 month guarantee)