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Symptoms of Redback spider bites Localised pain & swellingProfuse sweating is common after a redback spider bitePain and swelling all over the body is typical after 30 minutes or soHeadaches, nausea vomiting are all key symptoms after an hour or so Redback Spider Bite Is the Redback spider really that dangerous No deaths recorded from [...]

How much should a termite treatment cost? What kind of termite treatment is the best for your house?  That’s not an easy question to answer. It depends on the species of termite, where you live, the length of time termite infestation been active and if an entry point can be found. We’ve written this post [...]

Flying Termites Termite Alates or flying termites are the most common form of termite we see and are seen from late spring into summer as part of the seasons termite swarming process.   Trillions of termites swarmers hit the skies and literally just land everywhere, hoping to find a place to build a new termite nest.  [...]