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Pest Control – FAQ

Pest Control – FAQ


Pest control preparation

In most cases, completing the list is not mandatory, however carrying out these items will enable your technician to carry out a much more thorough treatment to your home and you will benefit from it. Just do what you can that is practical for you, and we’ll work around the rest.

On the day, or the day before your service.

  • Pick up all items from the floor of all rooms especially clothes, shoes, and toys. Also check under the bed and inside closets
  • Vacuum all floors, carpets and rugs. Mop all hard floors and allow enough time to dry prior to service
  • Pull all movable furniture away from walls at least 50 cm. This allows the technician to treat behind and under furniture which is a preferred harbourage area for many different pests. Ensure these areas are also free of dust and vacuum or mop prior to service
  • Ensure all food items are put away from kitchen benches. We recommend that fruit bowls etc are stored in the fridge for duration of service or covered.
  • Ensure all dishes, Cutlery, and crockery are put away in cupboards. The dishwasher should also be emptied prior to service as we may need to open the door for treatment.
  • Ensure free access to the roof manhole is possible. This would likely be in your garage, hallway near the bathroom, or walk in robe of the master bedroom. The technician will need to put a ladder underneath the manhole.
  • Walk around the outside of the house, and make sure there are no shoes, pet bedding, pet bowls, children’s or pets toys or other sensitive items close to the house. These can be moved out onto the grass or put away neatly inside for duration of service. The external spray treatment can drift in the breeze, and may leave unwanted residue on some items.
  • Rake, sweep or blow leaves and garden debris from paths and gardens. This is a favourable place for ants to track along and nest underneath, and debris will limit the application of products.

What does the pest control service consist of

Your service may involve one or more of the following procedures, depending on the service selected and the pest pressure at your home.

  • Powder application to the roof cavity
  • Internal liquid application to internal perimeter (skirtings)
  • Inspection and treatment inside kitchen, bathroom and laundry cupboards. If German or brown banded cockroach are present, this may be a detailed treatment using powders, liquid, and bait gels. The technician may leave glue boards tucked away inside the cupboard if they feel it is required.
  • Liquid application to external perimeter of house, including window frames, under eaves and gutters, and under patios.
  • Additional services the technician may carry out if they deem it is required at time of service; such as application of granular ant baits to Gardens, treatment to fences and hedging, or treatment to sheds. This is at the discretion of your experienced technician.

What to do after your pest control service

  • Replace all furniture that was moved
  • Wipe down all bench tops with sanitiser
  • Wipe all cupboard shelves prior to reinstating cutlery, crockery and all other items
  • No cleaning of floors is to take place for the first 48 hours after service. We recommend only dry sweeping and vacuuming of hard surfaces for two weeks after service, as this is the most active time for pests after treatment
  • Reinstate pet bowls and sleeping arrangements. Don’t forget to refill their water!
  • Action any recommendations the technician has advised you of
  • Windows can be cleaned after service, however should only be done directly to the glass and hosing of walls and window frames should not occur
  • All spider webs should be removed 7 to 14 days after treatment. We are able to carry out this service for you if required (at cost)

Pest Control Warranty

You can not prevent insects from entering a building.

You need to give the chemicals 6 weeks after treatment to fully take effect… it takes that long for everything to move over the treated areas. 

It is not uncommon to see some insects during the warranty period. Monitor these and you will find they have died a short time (1 or 2 days) after coming into contact with our products.

What to expect after your pest control service

  • Initially, you will see an increase in pest activity around the home. This will be heaviest in The First 48 hours, however can continue for the next 7-10 days. This is due to the products affecting the pests, and driving them out of harbourage areas.
  • Your pest control service will be effective for up to 12 months for large cockroaches & 6 months for spiders and ants. You should expect to see insects appear, even live, but monitor these and you will find they have died a short time after coming into contact with our products.
  • A pest control service is like a haircut, and does not last forever. Initially the treatment will be most effective however over time will become less effective, the same way that hair grows back after a haircut! Regular maintenance is the key to reducing pest populations in your home, so we recommend booking a service every 6 to 12 months depending on the property and types of pests present.

Pest Control – Terms & Conditions

We offer Warranties or Free Service Periods on most services we provide. We only use products of the highest quality from companies committed to research and development. We believe this is the only approach in guaranteeing effective servicing whilst protecting the health and safety of our customers and their environment.

Health & safety / risk assessments

On greeting our customers the technicians will conduct a risk assessment. At this stage you will need to inform them of any pets, allergies or other concerns before the service is started. Your technician will explain the order of service and direct you during the service to keep you safe. It is important to adhere to his direction after the service in terms of re-entry, ventilation and other safety requirements. They may also inform you of different environmental, design or hygiene issues that may require action by the customer to aid the service effectiveness to enable warranties.

Pest control warranties & free service periods

Warranties can be issued on most services providing all conditions on site are conducive. Your technician will explain the expectations and/or limitations of your service and the warranty implications on completion of the service. Some examples are listed below.

Cockroaches (large)

12 Months – You can not prevent cockroaches from entering a building. It is not uncommon to see some during the service period. This does not constitute a problem; they will come in contact with the residual chemical and die. If the problem persists over a period of 4 weeks please contact us.

German Cockroaches

6 Months


Internal 12 Months – External 6 Months – Ants like all pests are stirred-up after a service so you will see increased activity for the first 3-4 weeks. They will however have tracked through the treated zone and will die. Ants are also generally more active before a rain event.

Bed Bugs

3 Months


6 Months – Fleas will be present for 4-8 weeks after our service. Do not avoid the affected areas and follow tips on encouraging the hatching process as well as pet treatment.

Fleas (end of Lease)

3 Months


6 Months – Spider services are only warranted for webbing spiders which includes redbacks attached to the house or other physical structures. We cannot provide warranty on spiders on shrubs or bushes because plants lose their leaves (or grow new ones) and any chemical applied will either disappear (old leaves) or not be there in the first place (new leaves).

Pest Control Pricing

During the booking process our staff endeavour to provide an accurate price and warranty period through information provided by the customer.

This is an estimate only and may be adjusted by the technician if the structural or environmental conditions differ dramatically to the service standards for pricing and warranty.